This is the support page for WgetRexx, version 2.4 (20-Jun-2000).

WgetRexx is an ARexx script to invoke Wget from your favourite Amiga WWW browser. It is designed in a way that you can easily maintain a copy of the interesting parts of the WWW on your local hard drive.

[Spinnakinni]WgetRexx is © Thomas Aglassinger 1998-2000 and is copyrighted freeware. Therefor you are allowed to use it without paying and can also modify it to fit your own needs. You can redistribute it as long as the whole archive and its contents remain unchanged.

Some additional required or maybe interesting material can be downloaded below. Read the legal issues in the manual for further details on these packages.

German speaking users might be interested in a Wget Workshop in the Austrian online magazine AmigaScene, for which this script initially has been written:

With this workshop included was also the following archive:

Note that this archive will not be updated if new versions of Wget or ixemul.library are released and that it does not contain any Amiga specific installation instructions.

Thomas Aglassinger <agi@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at>