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Source Code

The vahunzed source code for Vahunz is distributed with the archive. You can use it to compile a binary on other systems. The compiling instructions assume that you have done such things already, so if you can't make it work, it's most likely because of you or your compiler.

Compiling in General

Compilation is easy, simply compile all *.c into a *.o, except "vahunz/keywords.c". This is a table included by "vahunz/vahunz.c" and therefor it will be "compiled" together. After that, link all objects into an executable.

You need an ANSI-C compiler to do this.

You do not need any additional libraries or include files.

On not-Unix-alike systems (e.g. RiscOS, pOS or BeOS), you will have to figure out how to compile the objects yourself. This should be easy, as usually no special compiler options are needed, except extending the include path so all header local files can be found.

If there are any problems on a not-Unix-alike system, contact me, and I'll try to help.

Compiling under a Unix-alike System

The shell script source/compile should perform these steps on a Unix-system. Maybe you have to replace all occurrences of "gcc" by "cc".

If there are any problems on a Unix-alike system, you are using some outdated piece of crap that does not deserve to be supported anyway. I don't want to be bothered with this "fossilization is freedom" attitude.

Making Binary Releases

Currently, the legal stuff does not allow you to create binary releases for other systems. If you want to release Vahunz for other machines, contact me first, and the copyright-stuff will be modified. Your port will then be mentioned on the support page, so other people can avoid the compiling-stuff.

The point is: I want to know what ports are around, and where they are.