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Far Gone & Out


Currently I do not really plan to extend this program, as it does exactly what I want it to do, in a reasonably fast way.

Obvious extensions could be to support other programming languages. However, this would make the source much more error prone, so at the moment I do not think this is a good idea. But I suppose Oberon, Modula-2 and Pascal will be supported sometimes - if there is any interest.

Someone suggested to trash string constants by converting them to escape sequences or splitting them at arbitrary positions. But this has several problems: first, it's trivial to devahunz, second, it blows up source code size, and third, it makes it more difficult to apply tools that translate between different character encodings. Finally, hex-escaping ANSI C is a messy issue.

Another feature could be to display some statistics about how many names have been replaced etc.; but nobody really cares about that, so it's something for a rainy weekend.


Version 1.7, 16-Apr-2001 Version 1.6, 16-Aug-1999 Version 1.5, 17-Sep-1998 Version 1.4, 5-Sep-1998 Version 1.3, 19-Apr-1998 Version 1.2, 14-Apr-1998 Version 1.1, 21-Feb-1998 Version 1.0, 10-Feb-1998