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Orbit Amiga 68k Port

Orbit is a freeware space combat simulator in the tradition of Elite, Wing Commander etc, originally written by Steve Belczyk for Win32/Linux systems. Here you can find the port for Amiga/68k by Thomas Aglassinger, which is derived from the port for Amiga/PPC by Oliver Gantert. For more information, visit the Official Orbit Homepage.



First, you need quite some hardware:

Next, you need a huge pile of libraries, drivers and utilities (unless you have them already). Fortunately, all of them are available for free:

Uff! That should do it.


You need two archives, which are both available from Aminet:


Currently, the installation is not very Amiga-like. Maybe in a later version. For now:


Finally, the interesting part (again, not very Amiga like):

Tuning Performance

StormMesa offers a lot of options to finetune the OpenGL/Glut applications. Orbit is a Glut application, so you can use all the standard Glut options in the command line.

For users of Z2 graphic cards and AGA, these are the most interesting ones:

On my trusty Amiga 2000 with a 68060/50, Picasso-II and CyberGfx v3, the following seems to work best:

stack 60000
orbit.exe -vfast -forcefs -forcedb

In the screenmode requester select something like 320x240x16 so you won't need any dithering. I've provided some screenshots so you know what to expect from the above configuration.

Refer to the StormMesa manual for more options and details.


For questions and comments about the Amiga/68k port, contact Thomas Aglassinger <agi@giga.or.at>.

Issues concerning the Amiga/PPC port and the Amiga port in general should be directed to Oliver Gantert <lucyg@t-online.de>.

Everything else, like Orbit in general, the gameplay, planet maps and ships, should be discussed with Steve Belczyk <orbit@genesis.nred.ma.us>.

Thomas Aglassinger, 15-Jul-2000