Definition of done

This article provides a definition of done to enable a development team to decide when a task is done and can be distributed to the customer or users.

The target audience are developers contributing to one of my projects, be it open source or commercial. It can also be of interest for people who are looking for a basis for their own guidelines.

This document is distributed under the CC BY 4.0 license.

All goals have been reached

All goals (acceptance criteria) mentioned in the issue have been reached and checked out.

If during the implementation it turned out a specific goal can not be reached, move it to a separate section "Skipped goals", change the checkmark into a simple bullet point, render the goal text as strike through and give a reason why it was skipped.


Pre-commit checks pass

If the project has pre-commit configured, all checks pass.

Pre-commit checks typically cover formatting style, but can also include checks for file size, complexity gates and even run unit tests.

Documentation for new features has been added

This includes:

Existing tests have been updated

If the changes broke existing tests, a reasonable effort has been made to modify these tests so the pass again.

Removing existing tests only if the changes where so substantial that there is no way to make them work again. For example after an architectural restructuring that removed entire semantic classes without any replacement.

Test for new features have been added

For new features, add at least one integration test to try the "happy path" where everything works out.

Automatic tests pass

All automatic tests pass.

If the project has continuous integration (for example via Jenkins or GitHub actions), the CI run passes.

Test coverage goals are reached

The project specific test coverage goals have been reached.

Inspiration for such goals.

Review comments have been resolved

If another developer reviewed the pull request and left comments, all of them have been resolved.

If some comments are not critical but would cause delays, it can be agreed upon to move these comments to a separate issue, reply to the comment with something along the line

Will be resolved with #123.

and resolve the comment.

Changes have been merged

The pull request with the source code changes related to the issue has been merged into the release branch without conflicts.

If conflicts exist, first merge the release branch into the issue branch and resolve the conflicts there. Preferably do all this before the code review starts.